Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yesterday's dinner

Yesterday I was cooking not only for the Cake-Meistress, who had made excellent flapjacks if ya like that kind of thing (and although I have the opposite of a sweet tooth, I will eat her flapjacks anytime) but also our friend Pamela who is in town and rather pregnant and who therefore needs a good, well-rounded meal and no fancy-shmancy stuff. So this was the result, in some ways depressingly similar to Sunday night's meal, sure, but also tasty in quite a different way. Lamb chops were seared on the griddle and finished in the oven and served with Greek couscous (waaaaay bigger than the stuff you get in UK supermarkets) and a salad of diced cucumber and tomato with parsley and mint. It doesn't look that appetising in the picture, chiefly because Pamela had already eaten some of it. But the thing going on here is the combination of the griddled chops, the raw salad and the comforting couscous which, incidentally, is so big it can't be cooked in the normal English-speaking manner of pouring a kettle of hot water over it. Oh no. This stuff has to be cooked much like pasta - in this case, by simmering it in a saucepan of boiling water jacked up with a few spoonfuls of Marigold stock powder, one of this cook's secret weapons. Anyway, we all cleaned our plates so I think it worked.

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